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"Sot Press". Roots of the best back exercise ever.

I've struggled a lot to find out where "SOT Press" came from, always wondering what kind of shortening or minemonics it could be.

Turns out I was agressively wrong.

Today a friend of mine sent me a Wikipedia link. It was a refreshening feeling due to my frustration in the past years on that search.

Everything just became cristal clear.

Check this out.

Viktor Petrovich Sots (Виктор Петрович Соц) was born in 1958 somewhere in Russia.

He was a heavyweight weightlifter (up to 100kg body weight), from the old Soviet Union training school.

He accomplished the European and ractified for 5 times in a row the World Record of Clean and Jerk between 1981-1982 as well as once for Snatch.

Therefore, “Sot Press” refers to an exercise named after Viktor Sots.

The spotlights on Viktor Sots were due to this lifter being the firts one to utilize exclusivelythe Power Jerk reception, as if seated underneith the bar instead of a Split Jerk transition in competition.

Also, he always carried the bar in a front rack position.

Have a glance of Viktor Sots resting the barbell in a deep squat position (from a power jerk)j.

In the picture below you can see Viktor Sots early in his carreer on a Split Jerk.

Throughout the years, the term “Sot Press” has been used to address any lifts consisting on pressing weights overhead from a squat position either starting in a front rack or any other position.

In the picture above we can see the athlete performing a Sot Press from a back high rack position.

However, this original press was always performed from a front rack postion by Sots.

Kettlebells allow this great exercise to be performed on a vast variety of options including one-arm, alternated, two-arm, bottom's up and so on.

Here you can see me (Claudio Novelli) performing one of the many Sot Press variations.

Sot Press is considered an excelente exercise for spine health matters.

Also great to rehabilitate or mantin great body posture to those spending countless hours and days sitting on couches and chairs, facing a computer or tv screen.

It should and it must be done initialy under low weights in order to progressively promote body adjustments.

it´s one of my favourite general physical preparedness (GPP) exercises.

If you care about your spine health, your overall health, and look forward to do whatever you like to do free from backpain and suffering, gimme a call or mail me.

I'm here to be helpful, even in English (even though I can see it's a bit rusty).

Claudio Novelli, mobile +5511989474217 or Instagram profile @oclaudionovelli

You can check Viktor Sots' records, PR's and other achievements following this link:

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